AML Policy, Controls, and Procedures Documentation

AML Policy, Controls, and Procedures Documentation

Money laundering and terrorism financing activities are on the rise in Saudi Arabia, placing businesses at risk and raising questions about an organization’s integrity, leading to a negative image. To avoid being exposed to money laundering and terrorism financing activities, businesses must completely control their procedures and operations. We provide documentation services for AML policies, controls, and processes to assist firms in remaining compliant with Saudi Arabia’s AML regulations.

Organizations in Saudi Arabia seek plans and procedures to protect their operations against money laundering and terrorism financing to avoid AML risks and fines. They must have rules and processes to detect the consequences of money laundering and terrorism financing. To decrease the risks of AML and CFT at any step of their operations, they must establish essential AML policies and control mechanisms.

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AML Policy


AML KSA provides efficient AML consultation and compliance advisory services to Saudi Arabian organizations, addressing their AML compliance challenges. Our clients are small and medium-sized businesses, start-ups, and influential organizations from various industries. We have a large staff of regulatory experts and compliance professionals that are well-versed in Saudi Arabia’s anti-money laundering and counter-terrorist financing policies and regulations. We understand the impact of AML/CFT legislation on organizations across various industries, and we tailor our services and solutions to match their needs.

Documentation of AML Policy, Controls, and Processes

We design the relevant rules, standards, and procedures for AML/CFT frameworks for you. Here’s how we go about developing AML/CFT frameworks that are suitable for your company:

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According to Saudi Arabia’s Royal Decree No. M/39, Article 10 requires that the Financial and non-financial entities implement rules, controls, and procedures to fight money laundering transactions depending on their type and size organization.


All branches, subsidiaries, and associated enterprises in which FI, NPOs, and DNFBPs have a majority stake must adopt and implement AML policy, controls, and procedures.


For controlling and minimizing ML/FT risks, AML policies, procedures, and processes must be reasonable, proportional to the risks, and compatible with the outcomes of risk assessments.

To reduce ML/FT risks, FIs, NPOs, and DNFBPs must frame their AML-CFT policies, controls, and procedures. The following subjects should be covered by these rules, controls, and systems:

• Detection and evaluation of ML/FT threats
• Evaluation, updating, and dependence on third parties are all types of due diligence (CDD, EDD, SDD).
• Customer and transaction monitoring, as well as suspicious transaction reports
• AML/CFT governance includes compliance staffing and training, senior management duties, and independent risk mitigation audits.
• The requirement for ten years of documentation

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