AML Consulting Services in Saudi Arabia

AML Consulting Services in Saudi Arabia

AML KSA offers a full suite of AML Consulting Services. Our expertise, knowledge, and industry experience enhance every service we provide to our clients. Throughout your AML journey, our AML specialists, compliance experts, financial analysts, technology enthusiasts, economists, policymakers, strategic decision-makers, law enforcement executives, and data scientists work to give the finest AML consultancy services.

We provide vital AML Advisory services to our clients in Saudi Arabia to assist them in attaining a higher level of AML compliance, based on our knowledge in compliance, AML policies and processes, risk management, and KYC legislation. We want your AML compliance journey to be as easy, quick, and pleasant as possible. Our objective is to ensure your AML compliance so you can concentrate on growing your company.

Documentation of AML/CFT policy, controls, and processes

We provide AML/CFT compliance frameworks that are relevant, adaptable, and personalised, as well as policies, procedures, and best practices to help you ensure AML/CFT compliance.

Setup of an in-house anti-money laundering compliance department

We can help you set up an AML compliance department to tackle money laundering and terrorism financing.

AML Training

Our Training team will train your executives and employees on AML compliance needs such as KYC, screening, risk profiling, EDD, and STR filing to guarantee that you comply with Saudi Arabian AML rules and regulations.

AML Software Selection

We can support you choose the most appropriate and cost-effective anti-money laundering software for your company, allowing you to keep track of transactions, screen customers and other stakeholders, and follow necessary legislation.

AML/CFT Health check

The AML/CFT Health Check is a tool that helps you discover any gaps in your AML compliance. This straightforward approach will assist your company in determining which areas demand immediate attention and modifications.

Quality. Timeliness. Empowerment

AML Consulting Services to accomplish AML compliance for your business

Advantages of partnering with us for AML consultancy services

We realise how difficult it is for businesses to comply with the complicated AML and CFT rules, legislation, and standards that must be followed to prevent the risk of terrorism financing and money laundering. AML KSA manages your anti-money laundering and counter-terrorist financing compliance, enabling you to focus on your primary business. We can assist Financial Institutions (FIs), Designated Non-Financial Businesses (DNFBPs), and Professionals in Saudi Arabia looking for AML Consulting Services.

Integrity. Leadership. Freedom.

Our AML Consultancy Services safeguard your brand, maintain ethical processes, and help you comply with AML Laws and regulations.


Saudi Arabia Cabinet Decision No. 80/1439, which approved the Anti-Money Laundering Legislation (the “AML”) and its Implementing Regulations (the “Implementing Regulations”) in 2017, is the principal law controlling money laundering in Saudi Arabia. This law replaces Saudi Arabia’s existing Anti-Money Laundering Law, Royal Decree No. M31/1433. In addition, several instructions for financial institutions, non-profit organisations, and DNFBPs have been produced to ensure that the primary requirements are followed.
A suspicious transaction is when a large sum of money is transferred, or a corporation is formed primarily to hide illegal proceeds. Multiple currency conversion transactions for the same amount of money and a large number of debit and credit transactions are other warning signs. Illegal financial operations are evidenced by unverified identification documents and massive third-party investments made for no apparent cause. Such signs must be recognised by businesses and reported to the appropriate authorities.
We may discuss your AML requirements with you over the phone or in person. We suggest costs and a timeline for each activity or a combination of services based on your requirements.

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